Where a hybrid AI saves life.

This paper, from Galway University read the paper, explains the huge death risks in ICU due to the ventilator weaning. In an ICU, of patients who did not successfully wean from ventilation, 78% died. The main reason is the doctors can only rely on their skills and experience, without any traditional AI support. No deep learning solution can monitor the huge flow of raw and chaotic DATA in real time. Which is the reality of an ICU day 2 day activity.
Our team has designed and run a hybrid AI for an ICU based in North America area for more than 10 years. One feature was to provide the right information at the right time to the doctor to start and operate the ventilator weaning.

Why hybrid AI can help doctors to better drive ventilator weaning?

The goal is to bring together these different sources to achieve an adjustment close to the ideal in terms of oxygenation, ventilation and reducing as much as possible lung trauma linked to ventilation.
The recommendations take into account the entire therapeutic strategy more broadly and suggest a level of care and the limits of use of certain techniques. To achieve this goal our AI system can reason using raw-data with a real-time feed using asynchronous neural networks and the fuzzy logic to reinforce the human chaotic side of human health.