Custom, fast delivery and plug&play HLR AI solutions

We offer several approaches to fit with your artificial intelligence needs: build with you a tailor-made hybrid AI solution or, for simpler needs, adapt our packaged offers to your environment.

A large range of solutions ready for market

Our business model are based on project budgets or annual/monthly fees depending on the offer and your needs. They are based on our experience of more than 10 years in complex AI ecosystems. By adapting business rules and connecting them to your data, our solutions are quickly operational.

AI Healthcare Solutions

ICU Emergency Support

Goals: Real-time decision support for ICU practicians by medical processes and skills modeling and raw DATA monitoring on the fly. No data exportation – no cloud. All type of analog and digital data (analyzes, RMI, medical devices..).
Metrics: Heart attack detection 30 minutes it happens. Decision under 1.7 sec.
Clients: Hospitals – ICU – Pediatric – Obstetric…

Intelligent ventilator Weaning

Goals: 35% of patients who required ventilation for longer than two days could risk ventilator dependency or death (University of Galway).
Non-directive, self-learning decision support based on the patient’s complete physiological data to suggest the appropriate time to extubation.
Metrics: More than 180 K beds worldwide in ICU
Clients: Manufacturers of medical equipment.

solutions IA neuro symbolique santé


Goals: Real-time diagnostic aid on DICOM files in medical imaging by self-learning. Via a tactile HMI, the practitioner identifies areas of interest and annotates them. By observation, AI learns to offer a second diagnosis or validation.
Metrics: Development of the knowledge base with a few dozen examples.
Clients: Medical imaging center, Faculty of medicine, manufacturers of medical equipment.

AI Defense and Security Solutions

Security Room

Goals: Real-time monitoring, alerte and decision support: call, send SMS, intervention, on hold … Processing of all types of flows (camera, drone, IoT and sensors, messages, infrared …) from hundreds of thousands of alarms per day. Decision to call, send SMS, intervene…, False alarms reduction.
Metrics: Over 90-95% reduction in human interventions
Clients: Security companies, industrial sites, Police department and cities…

Safety Area and Detection

Goals: Real-time Zone monitoring, alerts and decision support enabling teams of humans to secure vast areas… Small data set required (few pictures per item) for recognition training. Real time improvement via interactive HMI.
Metrics: 1 pixel identification – 1,000 meters detection with no zoom – night detection with no IR – hidden weapons identification…
Clients: Security companies, defense, nuclear plants, industrial sites…

Crowd protection

Goals: Video crowd analysis for panic alerts and movement Prediction: Stadiums, events, venues, demonstrations and busy streets..
Risk detection: panics, attacks..
Projection of developments
Metrics: Self modeling (density, motion, speed…) of the crowd in a few minutes.
Clients: Security companies, venues and event sites, Police department and cities…

Tailor-made AI solution

For your specific AI needs, INFINIT AI offers you its AI experts as well as its development tools and in particular its inference engine.

Our experts will build your operational knowledge base adapted to your internal processes and modeling the know-how of your teams. You will thus obtain a proprietary artificial intelligence tailored to your business needs.

Our AI experts can work on your premises for the entire design phase in order to guarantee total security of your most sensitive data. Some of our experts are secret defense authorized.

AI project stages

The phase of study and expression of needs lasts 1 month. We will ask your teams to understand your jobs. These exchanges take place through workshops, of the order of 4 or 5.
The development phase lasts for a minimum of 3 months. Your teams will be little used except to validate the steps of the knowledge base.
The integration and training phase takes 3 months. AI will be integrated into your systems and ramp up.
Finally, an optional follow-up phase will allow you to optimize your AI. However, in many cases this phase is not required.
See an example of a tailor-made artificial intelligence project.