Neurosymbolic AI experts

B. and Wajdi designed Neurosymbolic AI over 10 years ago. Today, our AI team has 8 collaborators, some of whom have Secret Défense skills. We operate from our offices (North of France) or directly from our customers. Not needing to export your data, we guarantee total security for sensitive data.

B. – AI consultant

AI neurosymbolic designer

W.– Ph D Computer Science

University Associate Professor
Data Mining, Machine Learning and Bioinformatic

D. – Ph D Bio-informatic

University Associate Professor
Machine Learning and Bio-informatic

A.– Ph D Neurobiology and neurosciences

Research Director at CEA
Pharmacology laboratory of  Neuro-vascular

Xavier – CEO

Digitization projects director

A. – X HEC Data Science

Project manager

P. – CTO

Architecture and Networks – Security
IA & IS Customer Interfacing

A. – Developer

Backend et frontend developments – HMI