A unique and disruptive artificial intelligence

HLR AI offers competitive advantages to your business that no other form of artificial intelligence can provide.

User Friendly

No code interface.
Natural language and intuitive interfaces


Works locally
No DATA exported.
Explainable back loops.

Powerful and Light

Over 500 GB of complex frames processed per second
200 Ko App working directly in CPU in all devices / IoT or printed chip.


Training requires only a few images – samples
Training correction and refining on the fly and real time


Data input on-the-fly
Powered by small data sets
Unlimited to inputs and data types


Self learning and coding
Trustable decision trees

Human Logical Reasoning IA, examples beyond deep learning and generative.

HLR AI provides advantages and capabilities unimaginable with classic AI. Three examples among several.

Fast, permanent and powerful training

Training with light date set (e.g., only 1,500 images required for a 250 weapons class)
User annotations for a real time improvement
Hidden and partial items recognition (weapon in a bag,butt or magazine...)
Night recognition without infra red - 1 km recognition without zoom

Context from human skills and expectations

Data on its own is generally of little value without contextualization. For example, in emergency medicine, a body temperature taken just now or 30 minutes ago does not have the same value.
Modeling human skills and expectations provides value and depth to date: to rank priority and risks, downgrade DATA depending the time of collection...

Self learning and coding

Not overseen mode to learn based on human observation
Weak signals identification to exploit data that's experts can't see and make predictions that experts cant make
Self coding to implement new knowledge
Example: our IA discovered itself the weak signals to identify heart attack 30 minutes it happens

Human Logical Reasoning IA, a digital twin brain

HLR AI (or hybrid AI) is a real-time decision support that provides your employees with the right decision to make.  As human thinking, our IA is based on 3 pillars: raw DATA in real time, processes and experience.

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - DATA

Data flow

Real-time analysis of huge data streams. All types (video, image, sound, analog, digital, etc.) coming from real-time streams or from DATA lake.

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - process

Processes modeling

Decision support is based on the modeling of your processes: medical ACSOS, industrial process, intervention and safety protocol, marketing guidelines and hot line scripts ...

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - expertise humaine

Human expertise implementation

Decision support irmpoves through self-learning by assimilating the expertise of your employees and the analysis of the environment via sensitive HMIs.