Hybrid IA, beyond deep learning.

Hybrid AI (or neural-symbolic) is a real-time decision support that provides your employees with the right decision to make.  This AI runs 3 kind  of quantitative and qualitative information: DATA, processes and experience.

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - DATA

Data flow

Real-time analysis of huge data streams. All types (video, image, sound, analog, digital, etc.) coming from real-time streams or from DATA lake.

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - process

Processes modeling

Decision support is based on the modeling of your procedures: medical ACSOS, industrial process, intervention and safety protocol, marketing and hot line script ...

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - expertise humaine

Human expertise implementation

Decision support irmpoves through self-learning by assimilating the expertise of your employees and the analysis of the environment via sensitive HMIs.

A unique and disruptive artificial intelligence

Hybrid AI is bringing competitive advantages to your business that no other form of artificial intelligence can provide.


Ultra secure

No DATA export or call to external servers.
No GDPR impact.



Over 500 GB of complex frames processed per second in real time with less than 10% CPU

Intelligence artificielle légère


Knowledge base of 200 KB exportable on any device / connected object



Analysis of any type of input (data, photo, sound, video), through streaming streams or databases

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique frugale


Knowledge base requiring only 300 sample passages to learn



Access to all layers and keys of the decision chain to understand the decision process



Self-learning by association and observation of humans

IA intégrée


Intuitive UIs (voice, text, graphs) and interactive to collect feedback

Hybrid AI use cases

Here are 4 Hybrid AI use cases in a wide variety of sectors. For more details on these AIs you can go to the dedicated page.

Utilisation d'IA neuro-symbolique

Resuscitation unit

Analysis of 254 digital and analog signals in real time coupled with ACSOS and human expertise modeling.
Result: detection of a heart attack 30 minutes in advance.

Utiliser une IA neuro-symbolique

Supply chain

Multi-criteria supply chain management for a mass retailer: sales, workshop, cost of transport, price ...
Result: 25% reduction in storage costs

Utilisation d'IA neuro-symbolique

Security company

Real-time decision-making by processing information from more than 500,000 alarms per day (IoT, videos, etc.).
Result: 99% reduction in human intervention

Utiliser une IA neuro-symbolique


Management of the flight plan for an emergency landing taking into account 100,000 parameters in real time.
Result: choice of the most secure track

If you have a more complex issue than the survival of traumatic brain injuries or an airplanes in distress, please submit it to us on my AI challenge.

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