Intelligent ICU Crisis Management & Prevention

Solving the shortage of trained specialists:

  • Key specialist digital twin available 24/7.
  • Crisis decision making support in real time.
  • Decision provided under 2 secondes
  • Raw data on the fly, complex medical protocols.
AI for ICU

Medical Monitoring & Alerts only possible with HLR AI:

  • Septic shock prevention and weak signal alerts
  • Precise head trauma gravity measurement, and monitoring
  • Respiratory Syndrome monitoring & decision intelligence
  • Ventilator weaning intelligence & optimization
  • Medical device malfunction monitoring

Made possible by Real-time monitoring of 254 digital and analog signals per patient.

The above system was made possible with the support, and 8M€ of funding from the European Union. Our system has served medical professionals and saved lives in the xxx hospital in the Martinique for 8 years. More recently, 2 prototypes have been deployed in 2 other hospitals in order to demonstrate our solutions portability (La Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris & Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal).

The medical market is our main target and expertise; however we have discovered a level of portability possible in other high risk environments where crisis management & prevention are major issues.

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