What kind of business needs does HLR AI target?

Why use Human Logical Reasoning artificial intelligence?

In some cases, deep learning (or AI neural networks) fits your expectations. However, if you have specific or complex needs, either in treatment or in your processes, this will not be enough.

If you are in this situation:

Your processes are complex or numerous.
You have limited access to DATA or they are fragmented.
Your decisions depend on scarce human know-how.
You want to understand the decision of the AI.
Human error puts you at real and heavy risk
You need real-time, 24/7 decision support.
You need quick answers.
Your DATA are too complex and varied for machine learning.
You cannot export your DATA.
You have many parameters to make a decision ….

… so neurosymbolic artificial intelligence fits your needs.

Intelligence artificielle neuro-symbolique

Some HLR AI applications

The hybrid artificial intelligence fits with all trades, sectors and organisations complexities.

Besoins en IA neuro-symbolique - finance

Finance, bank and insurance

Customize the customer relation ship, provide the dedicated offer
Churn reduction
KYC and fraude screening

Intelligence artificielle neuro symbolique - santé


Monitoring of patients in intensive care
Aid for surgery (cancer / epilepsy, etc.)
Prenatal diagnosis

IA neuro-symbolique marketing et communication

Marketing and communication

Identify influence nodes
Invest in opinion leaders
Nurturing automation

Besoins en IA neuro-symbolique - industrie

Manufacturing and contractor

Preventive maintenance
Inventory and production management
Production defects screening

Besoins en IA neuro-symbolique - retail

Retail and resellers

Supply chain management
POS traffic optimization
CRM and digital marketing

IA neuro-symbolique - sécurité

Supervision and cyber-security

Cyber threats screening
Intervention scenarii recommandation
Crisis management

If you have a more complex issue than the survival of traumatic brain injuries or an airplanes in distress, please submit it to us on my AI challenge.