Hybrid AI use cases

Here are 4 Hybrid AI use cases in a wide variety of sectors. For more details on these AIs you can go to the dedicated page.

Utilisation d'IA neuro-symbolique

Resuscitation unit

Analysis of 254 digital and analog signals in real time coupled with ACSOS and human expertise modeling.
Result: detection of a heart attack 30 minutes in advance.

Utiliser une IA neuro-symbolique

Supply chain

Multi-criteria supply chain management for a mass retailer: sales, workshop, cost of transport, price ...
Result: 25% reduction in storage costs

Utilisation d'IA neuro-symbolique

Security company

Real-time decision-making by processing information from more than 500,000 alarms per day (IoT, videos, etc.).
Result: 99% reduction in human intervention

Utiliser une IA neuro-symbolique


Management of the flight plan for an emergency landing taking into account 100,000 parameters in real time.
Result: choice of the most secure track

If you have a more complex issue than the survival of traumatic brain injuries or an airplanes in distress, please submit it to us on my AI challenge.